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concept, composition: ashleyho+domeniknaue

performance: Domenik Naue, Ho Yuhan Ashley, Jill Kupers, Myrthe Bokelmann, Cesirhe Sedney

co-production: Dansateliers

financial support: Stichting NORMA, Janivo Stichting

nomadic intervention

presented through our own tours in Amsterdam Noord and Singapore, as well as Moving Futures Festival, HBS Festival, Dansand (KAAP & workspacebrussels), FAT Leiden (Theater Ins Blau & Theater Generator), Offspring (SPRING Utrecht), con.tact Contemporary Dance Festival Singapore

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 22.08.46.png

I HAVE LIVED EVERYWHERE BUT HERE: nomadic intervention looks for a place of home in the public space. A group of performers peels off a piece of “retired” dance floor from the stage, and carries it into the city. Wherever it unrolls, the floor and its inhabitants begin to build themselves a new home.


Displaced from the theatre, the floor becomes a foreign body seeking a place of belonging. The audience is taken on an associative journey as the floor evolves into a shapeshifting body. Temporary sculptures form and fade, becoming shelters, cavities of intimacy – a living landscape.


domenik and ashley feel at-home & out-of-place at the same time. In this performance, they question what home means to them in a world that is always shifting. How can they find belonging in impermanence? 


The nomadism of this performance is an act of resistance, acknowledging that the theatre is always only accessible to certain groups and individuals (for socio-economical reasons, class, aspects of ability). By literally taking the dance floor to the streets, this public intervention invites a range of audiences, and accidental spectatorship.

Date: zo 23 apr 2023 om 10:24


Fijne kennismaking, dankjewel! Genoten van de performance en de prettige samenwerking.

In plaats van 3-5 foto’s met mijn reflectie op de fijne performance van Ashley & Domenik toch een dikke serie. Ik had kunnen kiezen voor een serietje ‘Our house in the middle of the street’, met veel omgeving, landschapjes met de performance als duidelijk deel. Of voor ‘Hands and feet’, zonder zichtbare performers, op wat uitsteeksels na. Voor ‘You do something to me’, gericht op interacties en spontane reacties van passanten. Of voor ‘You are my home’, een serie van mooie momenten tussen Ashley & Domenik. Maar dan nog waren er een paar beelden die ik te mooi vond om niet te sturen  dus ik heb m'n favorieten maar allemaal verwerkt.
Als jullie willen heb ik wel nummers van beelden die ik daarbij voor ogen had, maar als je goed kijkt, zie je het zelf ook wel.

Ik ben er heel blij mee, zo maak ik ze liefst alle dagen. Hoop jullie ook.



"Good morning,

Nice introduction, thank you! Enjoyed the performance and the pleasant collaboration.

Instead of 3-5 photos with my reflection on the fine performance of Ashley & Domenik, a thick series. I could have opted for a series of 'Our house in the middle of the street', with a lot of surroundings, landscapes with the performance as a clear part. Or for 'Hands and feet', without visible performers, except for some protrusions. For 'You do something to me', aimed at interactions and spontaneous reactions of passers-by. Or for 'You are my home', a series of beautiful moments between Ashley & Domenik. But even then there were a few images that I thought were too good not to send, so I just included all my favorites.

If you want I have numbers of images that I had in mind, but if you look closely, you will see it yourself.

I am very happy with it, I prefer to make them like this every day. Hope you do too.


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