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mini-documentary by Paul Sixta

exploration phase #1

developed as part of One Night's Dance,

co-produced by Dansateliers Rotterdam & Lloyds Company (June 2021)

this phase was presented as a series of 8 improvised performances based on a choreographic prototype was performed from 10-12 June and 17-20 June

thank you Merel, Lloyd, Maša, and Edwin

photos by aristos iatrou + screenshots of recording by paul sixta

BRIEVENBUS is a project curious about the intimacies within distance – not in spite of it but the specific intimacies that emerge only through layers of mediation. The brievenbus (letterbox) is a portal through which letters enter and exit in diverse forms, navigating the web of physical and virtual spaces in which we seek intimacy. We built a draft of this letterbox (4x6m, foldable) in June.


In early explorations at Dansateliers, with a 10-min performance frame, we searched for technologies of locating, reading, and performing presence through song, spoken text, movement sequences, film, animation, and scenography. We tore elements of presence across space-time, e.g. the performing of our song about an Icelandic volcano emerged in 6 misaligned parts – walking to the Performance Place, passing the ukulele, the arrival of the chair, the live voice, the recorded voice, and the spotlight. 


We propose moving away from absence; rather, my absence Here indicates I am busy being Present in other places. The choreographic prototype we created was preoccupied with misalignments like this. Based on this prototype, we performed 8 improvisation permutations (each a handwritten letter) that meandered rhizomatically through an attempt to make sense of distance, especially through the aestheticisation of DISASTER, which can be intimately beautiful when far-removed.


This segment has now closed. We plan to delve into the corporeality of the letterbox towards a durational performance-installation.


If you have somehow found your way here, are in a position to collaborate with us on furthering this project, please do remind us of its existence, so we can breathe life into this again!

prototytpe a.png
prototytpe d.png
volcano a1.png
volcano d.png
volcano a2.png
live audience a.png
live audience d.png
the distance that is just there d.png
the distance that is just there a.png
disaster d.png
disaster a.png
friend d.png
last a.png
last d.png
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